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CBS Fall Schedule: Supergirl Lands on Monday, Person of Interest, 2 Broke MIA

Originally posted on TVLine:
Kara Zor-El will take flight on Mondays this fall. CBS on Wednesday revealed its primetime schedule for the 2015-16 TV season, and the big news is that Supergirl will assume Monday’s formerly comedy-dominant opening hour after Thursday Night Football ends in early November. Also of note: New family comedy Life in…

Do Band Gig Photos Have to Suck?

I take lots of pictures of music being played, sometimes by bands that usually get good lighting, like the Lt. Dan Band, and others that are in arenas that literally don’t know what lighting is (like Viva Cantina with Cow Bop). So, I go home, toss a hundred photos for each few that I keep, play … Continue reading

Photoshop vs. Lightroom

I have been asking myself about the differences between these two Adobe products. Here is a link to an article that discusses this very topic. http://photographylife.com/photoshop-vs-lightroom

I am ONLY…

I often hear people start  self descriptions with “I only…” or “I don’t..,” with excuses and apologies for themselves. Why? Do they feel they are competing with the person they are talking with? Do they feel guilty? Ashamed?   When people start conversations this way, take time to try to pull them to the positive … Continue reading

Let kids be kids, for crying out loud!

I Can’t…I Don’t Even…I Just…. – Chicks on the Right – Chicks on the Right chicksontheright.comSeriously, you guys.  I just don’t even know what to…   Let me see. As I recall, I got hurt a lot on the playground. But, I also recall that it was the playground itself that hurt me — the … Continue reading


You never know what you do or what you say that might inspire someone. And you may never know that you have indeed inspired someone. You find out when, in  conversations   you hear the words “You inspired me to …..”  It’s hard to realize that everything you do and say sets an example for … Continue reading

Adventures Abound!

This is the last day of the first month of the year. And, oh what a month it has been! The adventure of a lifetime, a real expedition, is the highlight of the month — a trip to the white continent, Antarctica. This was a true adventure, I am sure it will be hard to … Continue reading

Ride a Private Rail Car Dec. 29

WHO WANTS TO TAKE A DAY TRIP ON A PRIVATE RAIL CAR?—— If you come through me, you get a 33% discount, $100 for the trip. Here’s the info:—–Private Rail Car Acoma shake down trip to San Diego. This is the second shake down trip to confirm mechanical operations. The cosmetic interior has not been completed … Continue reading

Thoughts while running today

Let’s see. People talk about how God does his work through people. Then people go to meetings and praise the good works of God. Isn’t this like praising themselves?  So as I see it, if there is a God, than I just go on and continue to do what I can and what I do … Continue reading

Originally posted on Smile Kingman:
Last years Candy Buy Back was such a great success that we’ve decided to do it again at our Kingman dental office! All of the candy will be sent to Operation Gratitude and they will send the candy to our troops overseas in care packages.   Address: 2249 Hualapai Mountain…


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